ARK Server update v.247.81

Anfänglich gab es noch ein Problem und die Server waren nicht zu erreichen aber so wie es nun ausschaut konnte das Problem behoben werden!
In diesem sinne HF&GL.

Initially there was a problem and the server could not be reached, but as it looks now, the problem could be solved!
In this sense, HF & GL.

ARK a lot of Bugs 247.1

Nach dem Update ist es wohl erstmal nicht möglich ohne einen Clientcrash auf dem Server zu verbinden!
Patch 247.1 brachte wohl auch eine Menge Bugs mit sich!

After the update, it is probably connected first not possible without a client crash on the server!
Patch 247.1 brought probably a lot of bugs with it!


Die Server sind wegen eines Bugs im Patch 247.1 temporär abgeschaltet!
Betroffen sind die Server mit der Map: The Center.
Die Server werden wieder Online gehen sobald ein Bugfix erschienen ist.
Bitte habt etwas geduld, der fehler liegt auf seiten der Entwickler von ARK.

The servers are shut down temporarily due to a bug in the patch 247.1!
It relates to the server with the Map: The Center.
The servers are back online go once a fix is released.
Please have a bit patience, the fault is on the part of the developers of ARK.


Server Update ARK: Survival Evolved

Im Moment werden alle ARK Server geupdatet auf 247.1
Ab 9:45 UHR dürften sie wieder online sein!
Current Version: v247.1
* Fixed ability to use Torches/Spyglass/etc while Riding Dinos. Requires Server Update.
* Fixed Allosaurus Kibble requirements (uses Savoroot Veggie, not Savoroot Seed). Requires Server Update.
* Fixed Allososaurus & Pelagornis Fertilized Eggs making respective Kibble. Requires Server Update.
* Fixed singleplayer crash reloading with Mantis Equipment
* Fixed Primitive+ character animations & updated Primitive+ content. We highly recommend that all Prim+ servers update to this new version!
* TheCenter mega-update!
* New Item: Night Vision Goggles!
* New Dino: Tapejara!
* New Dino: Archaeopteryx!
* Wind Turbines now function properly on TheCenter and TheIsland
* You can now name turrets and the turret name will show up in the Tribe Kill Log/HUD message.
* PvE Greenhouse auto-demolish timers are now 25% more than Stone
* Added Server Option to disable Dino Mate Boost
* 30% to 40% rendering performance improvement of Structures
* ~300 MB memory reduction by dynamically streaming the destruction meshes
* NVIDIA Ansel now supports TrueSky at Super Resolutions, and improved Super Resolution SSAO
* Fixed the colorizable regions of the Wood Chair and Bench (4 of them)
* In-Menu Options to disable Bloom and Light Shafts, respectively
* Fixed Korean Langauge setting to use the Steam language value
* Fixed various collision glitch/exploit cases

Server wipe

Am 17.08.2016 fand ein Server wipe statt, dies geschah dadurch das ein Server Plugin das nicht mehr weiterentwickelt wurde, die Datenbank unbrauchbar machte.
Der Server funktioniert nun wieder einwandfrei!
Sollten Probleme auftauchen so könnt ihr mir über Steam bescheid geben oder notfalls über das JoinUS Formular!


ARK Server Downtime

Server Status: Online

Im Moment ist unser ARK Server Down, das Problem ist uns unbekannt das den Server nicht starten lässt.
Wir arbeiten an einer Lösung aber gehen davon aus das wir den Server einem Full Wipe unterziehen müssen!

At the moment, our ARK Server Down, the problem is unknown which does not let us start the server.
We are working on a solution but believe that we have to undergo the server a Full Wipe!

ARK: Survival Evolved Server Updatet & News!

Unser ARK Server wurde erfolgreich auf die neue Version geupdatet.
Bitte meldet uns Probleme wenn es welche gibt 🙂

(Update auf v242.2 wird am 03.06.2016 ausgeführt, scheint heut noch nicht für alle verfügbar -.-)
Aktuelle Version: v242.7

Außerdem wurde eine Facebook Seite erstellt und eine Steam Gruppe.
Wäre schön euch in der Steamgruppe willkommen zu heißen!

ARK: Survival Evolved Patchnotes:

Current Version: v242.6
Unversioned Hotfix: Made TheCenter properly use Overriden GameModes (Difficulty Mods, Prim+ Total Conversion, etc).
* Made Swamp Fever particle effect not visible from player’s own perspective.
These require server-side update:
* Fixed some Raft exploits (C4-Poker and Breach-Rafts)
* Reduced the scaling by 50% of Dino Adult Food Consumption rate when unstasising. This is to help compensate for the bug fix in v242.0 which now correctly utilizes the Adult Food Consumption Rate when unstasising a Dinosaur (hence the higher rate of consumption on Giganotosaurus, which were one of the few Dinosaurs to use that multiplier).
* Allowed Vaults to be built on Rafts, specifically.
* Fixed Raft naming & some other potential Raft networking issues.
* Made Fortitude slightly more effective for avoiding Disease (90 Fortitude == 80% reduction in Disease chance, rather than 110 Fortitude)
Unversioned Hotfix: Fixed a performance issue that was occurring with PvP Offline Raid Protected Servers. Thank you so much to Steam User „Shadowsong“ for helping us identify and solve it!
Unversioned Hotfix: Fixed a bug where PvP Offline Raid Protected Servers could lack AI for newly-spawned Dinos.
Unversioned Hotfix: Fixed a crash that was affecting some Mods/TC’s on/near startup.
Unversioned Hotfix: Fixed Dino Baby cuddle times erroneously resetting after reloading savegame.
* Improved Argi/Quetz/Ptero/Dimorph eating animations
* Balled Doed’s now only get their damage on autoturret projectiles reduced by 50%, not 100%. Requires server update.
* Can no longer drop picked-up Dinos through structure walls. Requires server update.
* Can no longer Detonate creature-attached C4 through structure walls. Requires server update.
* Diplodocus „friendlyness“ no longer plays battle music. Requires server update.
* Further improved server & clients CPU performance by approximately 5%
* Fixed issue where turrets wouldn’t target someone who had C4’s stuck all over their body. Now, Boom. Requires server update.
* Fixed issue where you could re-imprint on Baby Dinos.
Unversioned Hotfix: Fixed issue with Leech Blood not being storable in Icebox/Preserving Bins. Requires Server Update.
* Performance improvements to server yielding 20-25% perf increase. Also improves Client CPU utilization.
* Changed Rhino Horn requirement to Narcotic on Lesser Antidote. Made Lesser Antidote Disease Immunity last 3 minutes.
* Leech Blood now spoils after 3 hours (Stackable in Quantities of 50), can be stored in Fridge. Made leech blood more common to harvest.
* Made Swamp Fever increase movement speed by 20% and decrease rate of food, water, and oxygen consumption by 50%.
* Made Swamp Fever not able to be transmitted through collisions/walls.
* Among current non-human creatures, now only Tamed Dodos can be infected with Swamp Fever. (as intended). Any existing infected dinos are cleared on sever launch.
* Bug Repellent now repels Leeches and bug repellent now works when applied to your Tamed Dinos
* Attached Leech no longer drains Stamina.
* Reduced rate by about 70% of Diseased Leeches in Swamps, as intended.
* Water/Amphibious creatures are no longer targeted by Leeches. (swamp native 😉
* Dinos will not play the eat animation so often when autonomously eating
* Fixed another value that was increasing rate of Quetz food consumption, is now fully back to original values.
* New Server Options
This will make Diseases not permanent (you will then lose them if you respawn).
This will completely disable Diseases on the server. (thus far just ‚Swamp Fever‘).
* Fixed appearance of „blue fog“ on the Cave-water material.
Current Version: v242.2
* Fixed an issue where some mods were causing certain creatures to have 0 Food or not gain any Food from eating. Requires server update.
* Fixed Supply Crates being destroyed when there was one remaining removable item left
* Fixed too-high Quetz Food consumption rate
* Fixed Plant Species X turrets firing when previously built on prevented Dino Platforms. (they’re not supposed to unless overriden)
Unversioned Hotfix: Fixed incorrect TheCenter dedicated server content. If you are hosting a dedicated server of TheCenter and people are having trouble connecting, please make sure you have this update. Thank you!
* ‚ARK’s Awesome Anniversary‘ 1-week Event: Get Ready to Make some Birthday Wishes for Limited Run Items!
* New Creature: Diplodocus!
* New Creature: Leech!
* New Structure: Training Dummy. You can attack this dummy without fear of destroying it, and it will display floating Damage Per Second values so you can see how strong your Dino Army really is.
* New Mechanic: Permanent Diseases & Cures (Player-Contagious Swamp Fever!!!!)
* Tribe Groups Phase 2: Support for Limited Non-Admin Invites & Promotions/Demotions per Group! Also „Prevent Dino Unclaiming“ checkbox, and other new per-Rank options.
* Dragon Arena
* Added option for PvE Servers to disable building around critical resource node regions
* Added server option to override per-Item Crafting costs
* Added server option to override the loot tables for each kind of supply crate
* Added server option to limit number of members in Tribes. Default: no limit.
* Added ‚Follow Range‘ ( Low/Medium/Far) Setting Per Tamed Dino
* Multi-Seat Saddles (Galli, Diplodocus, etc) Dinos now have an option to Enable Public Seating. Dino Taxi service, ahoy!!!
* Servers can now optionally enable an „offline raiding prevention“ mode which will make Dinos/Structures invincible if no owner is logged-in (indicated via the head whether the owner player/tribe is logged-in or not). Recommend that server owners utilize this with care, as it may have undesired side effects in a competitive environment. (e.g.: ?PreventOfflinePvP=true?PreventOfflinePvPInterval=60.0?PvPDinoDecay=true?PvPStructureDecay=true)
* Added Alpha Mosasaurus (contains lots of Black Pearls)
* Alpha creatures XP reduced by 45%
* Auto-Turrets can no longer be built on Quetz/Sauro/Mosa/Plesi/Paracer platforms (Plant turrets can’t be grown on them). Any existing turrets on such platforms will no longer fire. This is a server option of „?OverrideStructurePlatformPrevention=true“. Otherwise they’re now only allowed on Rafts and non-moving Bases.
* Plant Turrets now consume Fertilizer per shot, and also will not shoot if no water is in the crop plot.
* Approximate +100% increase to Saurupod and Paraceratherium respective Weight stats.
* Breeding Mechanics Phase 2: Interactive Baby Raising
* Optional RPG Stat Mode: Displays Floating In-World Damage Numbers for all Player-Related Damage Events.
* Fixed issue where Quetz platform could create floating structures

New server commands for v242 are here:

Willkommen auf unserer Clanhomepage

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